Should You Hire a Resume Writer?

Thinking about hiring a resume writer?

Though it’s not for everyone, professional resume writing services help many people take the next step in their career with confidence. And while the end product – an attention-grabbing, powerfully-written resume – certainly provides you with an advantage, it’s not the only benefit to hiring someone to write it for you.

The entire experience of working with a resume writer including Q&A and collaborative editing guides you in uncovering your valuable achievements while preparing you to face interview questions assuredly.

Here are 10 signs that you working with a resume writer might benefit you:

Researching isn’t your strong suit.

A great resume writer researches a ton.

Not only must they remain current on job-searching trends, but they cannot strategically design your resume for your target positions without in-depth research into the expectations and keywords integral to those roles.

If you’re not ready to prepare for resume writing with a couple of hours of online research, a resume writer might be worth the investment.

You don’t like writing.

You don’t need to be a poet to write a great resume. However, you do need to be able to deliver the following:

  • Punchy wording
  • Varied, industry-oriented terminology
  • Grammatical precision

These are all in the resume writer’s wheelhouse. If writing power-packed language that underscores your value-added doesn’t come naturally to you, it might be wise to work with someone skilled at this type of writing.

You haven’t updated your resume in years.

If it’s been years since you last updated your resume, hiring a resume writer could work to your advantage. They’ll be able to guide you in uncovering your most current achievements so that you don’t waste time focusing elsewhere.

They’ll also be able to provide you with a fresh, modern resume for 2018. This includes formatting and sections that front-load your value-added and the elimination of outmoded elements like an “objective” section or list of references.

You’re short on time.

Whether you’ve got an impending application deadline or just wish to save your free time for other pursuits, hiring a resume is a tremendous time saver.

Not only does it free you of hours spent researching, writing and editing, but it also allows you to devote time to getting ahead on other facets of the job search. While the resume writer builds your materials, you can be networking on LinkedIn, collecting references or shopping for the perfect interview suit.

You’re not one for details.

If formatting frustrates you, then resume writing might have you pulling your hair out. From margin sizes to table elements, page headers to right tab-stops, every nitty-gritty aspect of the resume matters and each one is tedious.

If the headache is too painful to bear, the temptation to cut corners too appealing to resist, you might want to consider a resume writer – someone who (oddly) enjoys maneuvering the intricacies of the Microsoft Word or Google Docs menu bar.  

Your resume is a list of your responsibilities.

One of the primary changes I make in overhauling resumes is transforming a list of responsible- fors into an engaging presentation of my clients’ deliverables.

Clients have told me upfront that they simply don’t work in the type of industry that delivers results. However, it’s not just multimillion dollar sales that prospective employers are looking for.

Your impact on your company or organization is likely more significant than you think. By working with a resume writer, someone tuned into your capabilities, you’ll be able to transform a list of duties into a marketable set of results and accomplishments – one that sells you well.

You’re making a career change or taking a new step.

If you’re transitioning from one industry to another or looking to take a step up in seniority, you might be treading into unknown territories.

Resume writers are adept at positioning you for the job that you want with their outsider’s perspective on how you fit into that new industry or role. They’ve got an arsenal of keywords and the ability to market you for a position different from your own.

If you’re looking to take a step up or a leap outside of your comfort zone, a resume writer might be just the resource you need to help you bridge the gap and stick the landing.

Your work history is “complicated.”

It’s normal to have “weak points” in your career history. Life is unpredictable, and few people’s professional lives follow a straight line trajectory.

Maybe you had a hard time finding a job for an extended period. Perhaps you were a stay at home parent for a few years, and now you’re behind on technology or industry trends. Or you might have jumped in and out of a few radically different fields because you didn’t know what you wanted to do.

Whatever the case may be, it can be tricky to pull a complicated history into one streamlined document. Consulting a resume writer can help you develop career materials, true to your journey, that you can be proud of. 

Your cover letter & LinkedIn profile are lacking.

If you’ve invested in a resume-writer, chances are you’ll glean some cover letter and LinkedIn writing tips while you’re working with them.

Resume writers develop such a thorough understanding of your career history and value-added that they’re typically the best person to consult on other elements of the job search. Whether they offer bits of free advice or a discounted writing package, you can consider them a multi-faceted career resource.

You’re not yet interview-ready.

Hiring a resume writer brings with it a surprising perk – interview prep. It works like a one-two punch.

First, the back-and-forth Q&A process you experience with a resume writer prepares you to answer some tough, bottom-line questions. It challenges you to think about yourself from an employer’s perspective. It forces you to confront your weak points and to elaborate on your strengths.

Second, when your resume writer sends you the first draft you see just how fantastic you look on paper. It boosts your confidence, enabling you to walk into interviews assured of your ability to deliver.

Having someone guide you to both dig up your strong suits and address your weaknesses, and then turn this information into a document chock full of impressive things that you actually did is how a resume writer readies and steadies you for the interview phase ahead.


If you’re on the fence about hiring a resume writer, ask for samples of their work, look for positive client feedback on their website, and request an audit of your current materials. Any prospective resume writer should be able to provide you with a clear plan of action for optimizing your resume.

For any questions, comments, resume audit requests or to get started with resume writing services, contact me anytime!

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